1.  Demand Generation - leads and registrations through the live, and on-demand webinar. Focus on inviting leading decision makers, and senior professionals in-charge of specification and/or purchasing. 
2. Content development and Execution - including promotion via e-mail, and social media.
3. Build awareness around Clamp-on, and the benefits of choosing it.  
4. Include a live Q&A session, to answer questions, and develop a better understanding of what challenges users of the product, and others, are currently facing. Product and service improvement. 

Project Outline:
Campaign Features: Live Q &A, Design and development of slides, landing pages, and registration form, copywriting of the script, hosting, voiceover, pre-recorded (On-demand). Full promotion including a series of infographics, and e-mail blasts to the JGT media database. Comprehensive reporting & Analytics. 
Promotion: E-mail & Social media. 
Registered Attendees ('Live event'): 268
Registrations (On-demand-post-event): 432
Total leads generated:  643

Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Webinar
We had already produced a series of infographics that highlighted the benefits of using clamp-on flow measurement, as well as series of social media and direct e-mail campaigns. With this webinar, we wanted to produce an all encompassing, 'Everything you need to know, about clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement', presentation.  We felt that, covering not only the benefits, would be a good idea, and it would be something that the audience, would respond to. We incorporated a 30 min live Q&A session, and provided the direct contact details of the presenter, for further questions, post event too. A much more open approach, which allowed us to capture a tremendous amount of insight, and deliver an event, that added a great deal to the overall project. Please view webinar below: 

Promotion e-mails and Registration
Late registration or Login form
Metrics Portal
Detailed metrics are provided pre, during, and post event. Collecting data on time of arrival, and departure, registrations, interaction with polling questions, Q&A, and more. 
Focus Regions

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