•    Demand Generation - Lead generation through all campaigns. 
•    Content development, Media buying, and execution.  
•    Enhance social media presence.
•    Translation series, that included French. 
•    Highlight the benefits of using clamp-on flow measurement. 

Clamp-on demand generation campaign - display advertising and Google AdWords
The core objective for this campaign was to create awareness around clamp -on flow measurement, and the benefits of choosing it.  We used our recently created, series of infographics, as well as developing a series of display banners, from which to execute with.

Demand generation - Linkedin Campaign
France, is a key region for this product, so along with the english campaign, we also developed and translated a tailored message for the French market.  
Landing page
A key part of this campaign was to generate leads. Using our infographics, and social media posts as a lure, we added in a custom landing page, to capture all interest. 
Focus Regions
More campaigns on Clamp-on Flow measurement... 
Infographic Series
We created a series of infographics, that highlighted the advantages of using clamp-on flow measurement, including the savings on costs, and the increases in efficiency. 

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