1.  Produce a training presentation on the latest Panaflow product, for BHGE staff. 
2. Include a live Q&A session, to answer questions, and develop a better understanding of what challenges users of the product, and others, are currently facing. Product and service improvement. Make available on-demand for ease of access. 
3. Include custom registration form, and metrics portal. 

Project Outline:
Campaign Features: Live Q &A, Design and development of slides, landing pages, and registration form, hosting, voice-over, pre-recorded (On-demand), comprehensive reporting and analysis. 
Registrations (On-demand): 439

Panaflow Training Webinar​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Registration & Metrics
Webinars are hugely valuable, in terms of demand generation. Any event that you have, provides you with an opportunity to engage with leading individuals within the sector/s you are targeting. This means, that building in a custom registration process, metrics portal,  is crucial. We simplify this, by having two registrations forms... One for the pre-promotion, which allows you to notify, follow-up, and nurture... And a second registration form, which allows new registrations to sign-up at the last minute, and pre-registered attendees to login. Crucially, the second form also allows us to capture valuable data during, and post event. 
All lead capturing was fully integrated with BHGE's CRM, allowing for the seamless capture of leads, and registrations. 

Registration form
Metrics Portal
Detailed metrics are provided pre, during, and post event. Collecting data on time of arrival, and departure, registrations, interaction with polling questions, Q&A, and more. 

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