Above & Beyond Compression 
BHGE Web Landing page & digital content Project 
Campaign Objectives:
1. Awareness around capabilities and offering as a business.
2. Create new Web Landing pages 
3. Lead generation, and lead nurturing.
4. Driving traffic to website.
5. Improve the experience for visitors to your website – more information, downloads, and ease/flow of website.
6. New marketing and technical content.
7. Solid foundation/platform for future marketing activities.
BHGE Web Landing Pages
A&B compression wanted to be able to provide their customers with more information on their website, as well as, generate more traffic, and convert that traffic into leads. Our suggestion was to redevelop their website, and include custom BHGE landing pages for the products and services they offer, on their behalf, that included:
1. Dedicated environments for the products and services.
2. More content downloads such as tech sheets, white papers, case studies, video, and webinars. 
3. SEO
4. Lead generation tools, such as custom web forms. 
5. A new website that can scale seamlessly over time. 
Here is a showcase of the work that was produced:
Digital Content 
A website without supporting content that can be downloaded and used for marketing campaigns, leaves the website incomplete, and renders the projects ability to generate leads, and keep current and potential customers on the website. 
For this campaign we focused on producing the following:
1. A series of 3 infographics - very important for showing what you do simply. These are also excellent tools for marketing campaigns through social platforms, such as LinkedIn.
2. We re-purposed all existing BHGE content for the products A&B Comp represented, this means we added their branding to the documents, and custom intro's to the videos - which included:
Video, Success Stories, White Papers, Tech sheets. 
Here are some examples of the content we produced: 
Series of Infographics
Highlighting the benefits of the AJAX, COOPER BESSEMER, and SUPERIOR product lines. Our objective here was to create something engaging, and easy to digest, that we could use to improve A&B Compressions' Social media presence, as well as provide further supporting content around the product lines, on their new BHGE landing page. 
What was achieved: 
1. Improved traffic to website. 
2. Increase in Leads captured through website.
3. New technical content and downloads. 

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