1. Demand/lead Generation through all content, e-mails, and microsite. 
2.Create awareness around corrosion and erosion - including new content, and via the microsite.  
3.Enhance social media presence.

'Find Corrosion, before corrosion finds you'
GE's non-destructive testing business, has been long established as a provider of highly effective products, which assist many professional throughout the world, in some of the toughest and most challenging environments. The new Mentor UT, was no different... A state of the art device, that uses revolutionary technology, aimed at making the jobs of its users, far easier, and efficient. 
But there in lies the challenge. Many of Mentor UT's potential users, are often not very tech savvy, and are used to the traditional ways of measuring and locating corrosion in oil & gas pipeline, for instance. So our approach was two-fold...  We began with a direct-email campaign, notifying people that it had arrived, an was ready to revolutionise the way measure corrosion. A simple but effective HTML, with a landing page to capture any initial interest. 

Corrosion & Erosion Microsite 
The second phase to our approach was to create a microsite. We knew that providing insight into corrosion and erosion, essentially what the product solves, would be key. What better way to do that, than by creating an environment, entirely dedicated to those topics. We wanted to be able to present enough insight into the applications, so that the audience would be able to ease into, finding out whether this product can assist, firstly, and secondly, if it would be something that would help, or hinder their daily tasks.

Focus Regions

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