1.  Demand/Lead Generation. 
2. Develop a series of infographics for social media and the new microsite.
3. Enhance social media presence.
4. Address some of the challenges faced around Test and Calibration. 

Infographic Series
We developed a series of infographics that created awareness around some of the areas where you lose efficiency, and money, without the use of effective technologies. 
The Landing Page 
We developed this to request contact details, in order to download the infographics. This campaign was executed via social media, more specifically, LinkedIn.
We fully integrated the clients CRM to this landing page, so all leads where seamlessly  added, to their internal database. 
Focus Regions
More campaigns with Druck...
Video Series
A series of how-to-video aimed at building awareness around some of the challenges the products solve, and using the products themselves. Produced for social media, and the Microsite.

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