1.  Demand Generation - maximise leads through all campaigns. 
2. Audience planning, and cost -effective execution through LinkedIn, and Google AdWords.  
3. Detailed Metrics from all campaigns. 
4. Development of white papers, success stories, and display banner artwork. All campaigns must be translated into Japanese, Chinese Simplified, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and German. 

Demand Generation Campaigns - Included Google AdWords LinkedIn, and 3rd party websites. 
The main objective of this campaign was two-fold. One was to create awareness around the impending government changes to energy efficiency, the challenges around that, as well as the cost saving opportunities GE provide for this. The second, was to arrange a free energy consultation with companies that fit the criteria. 
This main focus in terms of execution, was establishing the correct media platforms, that included LinkedIn and Google. We were also tasked with developing the campaign content, and translating all of it, for their global audience.  

Campaign White paper and Success Story
Part of the overall campaign, we needed to deliver a series of white papers, success stories and display banners, to not only capture interest, but to create awareness around the impending changes, and how GE can provide a solution to those. GE had already completed a few successful implementations, so we felt it was crucial that we highlighted those as part of the campaign. 

Display advertising campaign - with white paper download...
E-mail Nurturing Campaign
Once we had started seeing some results from our campaigns, we implemented a series of e-mails for our nurturing phase. We always felt, that is vital to have a strategy in place to nurture the interest that has come through from, the initial part of the project. 

Translated white papers, and success Stories...

Focus Regions
Similar Campaigns...
Ultrasonic Flow Media buying, Translation, & Execution
Following a very similar brief to the above, our focus for this campaign was to highlight the benefits of using Clamp-on flow measurement. We executed through Social media, and 3rd party platforms. 

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