1.  Demand/Lead Generation. 
2. Develop a video series for social media.
3. Create further awareness around the topic of 'calibrating your moisture probe' and GE's after-sales service. 
4. Execute campaign through social media and direct -email.  

Moisture Video Series
As with the infographics in this campaign, we wanted to highlight the importance of, one; calibrating your moisture probe, and two; GE's after sales service program. We had the execution phase in mind, so we developed a series of short videos, presented by GE product mangers, that answered some of the key questions.  Each video represented a topic which we felt are the most important, and would trigger the minds of the audience, into coming to get their moisture probe calibrated, or to answer some of the questions to the challenges they may be facing, as a result of not doing so. Below are the three video we created...

Landing Page
It was crucial that we captured existing customers, as well as new interest, and started on the road to developing a comprehensive database of users of the product, so that we could begin to calibrate, and therefore optimise the products, and deliver on our message of saving money, and down-time. 
Here is the landing page, we used for the campaign, that was fully integrated with GE's CRM. 
Focus Regions

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