1.  Demand/Lead Generation. 
2. Develop a series of infographics for social media.
3. Enhance social media presence.
4. Address some of the benefits of Clamp-on Flow Measurement. 

Infographic Series
We knew that we had to deliver an execution strategy, for both Social media, and direct-email. With, infographics being ideal for both those outlets, we developed a series of two, which highlighted, very simply, the benefits of using Clamp-on Flow measurement. Our objective was to use them to support the products themselves, but also as a tool to generate demand through our campaigns, whilst delivering on the overall message of the campaign; 'To Clamp, or not to Clamp... That is the question', with a strong underlying message of cost reduction, and increased efficiency.  

Landing Page 
Demand generation is more often than not, at the core of our projects. So we developed a custom landing page, that we could attach to our social media, direct e-mail, and programmatic campaigns. 
Focus Regions

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