1.  Produce a two-part training presentation for GE staff. 
2. Include a live Q&A, to aid with any questions they may have. 
3. Make available on-demand for ease of access. 
4. Include custom registration form, and metrics portal. 

Project Outline:
Campaign Features: Live Q &A, Design and development of slides, landing pages, and registration form, copy-writing of the script, hosting, voice-over, pre-recorded (On-demand), comprehensive reporting & Analysis. 
Registrations (On-demand-post-event): 779
Training Series
Developed as an internal training series. We produced two 90 minute webinars that detailed the product itself, and how best to sell it, using all of its features and benefits. We recorded the project over a 6 hour period, and hosted it on our platform, for employees to access, when it was suitable for them to do so.  Each presentation, included a live question & answer session. 
We also crated a registration form and a comprehensive metrics portal, as we would with a normal presentation, so that managers can keep track of how long people were staying to watch the presentation, who registered etc.  Please view part one of the webinar below: 

Metrics Portal
These are two screen grabs from the metrics portal itself. Each one of our webinars come with a dedicated environment, that allows the client to monitor registrations, and vital statistics, for both the live event, and the subsequent, on-demand version of the webinar. 

Registration Form
With this project, as with all other events, we created a custom registration form. This allows us to keep track of registration, and collect data on the registrant. Once registered, we can also send them automatic e-mail notifications, and reminders. The form was fully integrated with GE'S CRM. 

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