1.  Demand/Lead Generation. 
2. Develop a series of infographics for social media and direct e-mail campaigns. 
3. Enhance social media presence.
4. Execute campaign through social media in English and Japanese - including translation.
Moisture Infographic Series
Like many, in the past, GE had not collected enough data, if any, on the customers that bought their 'Moisture probes'. One of the issues with this, is that very few of them knew that GE offered after-sales service, and therefore did not come in, to have their moisture probe calibrated. The focus for this campaign, was to create awareness around the importance of service, and that GE offered this... and secondly, to try and reach existing and new customers, with that message. 
We began the project, by developing a series of infographics, based on the different applications, the benefits, and potential challenges thereof, of not calibrating your moisture probe. We used these infographics, to execute through social media, and direct e-mail, and to provide support for the products, on the website. 

Demand Generation LinkedIn Campaign - English & Japanese
We didn't have much existing customer data, but we did have an idea of the regions that had sold most of the moisture probes. We developed an English, and Japanese LinkedIn campaign, and provided the media buying, and translation services.  

Focus Regions

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