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Product & Application awareness
Connecting with your region
Lead Generation 

Example of a recent collaboration between BHGE and a Channel Partner:
Features & Package
1. 12 month lead generation package
CRM - upload and manage existing contacts, new leads, schedule
appointments, and more. 
Direct e-mail - send emails directly from your CRM to you existing contacts, and new
Unlimited Campaigns and Landing pages - create unlimited campaigns that you can target specifically to your region, and build insightful and effective landing pages to support your campaigns, and capture leads directly to your CRM.  
Company page + Set-up - Set-up your own company page, along with detailed product environments. 
Integration with your social media pages - seamlessly post on your social media pages at the same time as your latest campaign. 
Comprehensive analytics on all your campaigns - track and manage all analytics such as views, clicks, new leads captured and more. 
2. 45 Minute pre-recorded webinar 
- Topic of your choice
- Includes 30 minute live Question & Answer session post-presentation 
- Design and production of webinar including co-branding, editing, and imagery 
- Hosting and webinar set-up - including invitations, registration, and reminders
- Translation if required.  
3. 600 word Article 
- Topic of your choice, to boost leads and awareness. 
- Design and layout 
4. Updating of existing product documentation and content with latest Baker Hughes Branding 
- We will also assist in uploading these to you new product and company pages on the lead generation platform. 

Cost: $2,500 (Baker Hughes will reimburse you 50% of this amount - $1,250 )
Total leads generated: 100 +
Example Webinar: PROJECT OUTLINE:
Campaign Features: Live Q &A, Design and development of slides, landing pages, and registration form, copywriting of the script, hosting, voiceover, pre-recorded (On-demand). Full promotion, and comprehensive reporting & Analytics. 
Alternative Options
Need to use those funds to do something else instead? Speak to us about using your funds on the following (POA): 
1.  Mobile App
2. Website 
3. How-to Videos
4. Infographics 

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