Tundra Campaign Outline
As per our discussion, I have laid out the components of a package that i think would be required to deliver on your objectives. My goal as i mentioned is to create a foundation through content and a dedicated environment that existing and potential customers can find out more about your products and services, and commit to filling out their details, so your sales team can contact them. 
The strategy in my opinion should be to create the landing page, populate it with existing content that BHGE have available for the products you sell, and from there, produce some new content that we can use to execute an effective campaign aimed at generating traffic to your website, and crucially, to generate leads to increase revenues.  
I have broken down each of the elements in the table below, and following that, I have provided you with some examples of content, and my suggestions of what we should begin with in terms of new content, as well as a link the landing page demo we produced for you as promised. 
My suggestions on what we should begin with:
1. Develop the dedicated product landing page, and populate with existing BHGE product material available for the product lines you sell. 
2. Develop a series of 3 infographics focused on the applications, and challenges your products solve for the user. 
3. Develop two new customer success stories. 
4. Re-purpose all existing BHGE test & measurement material. 

Landing page: 
The objective is to create an easy to navigate, dedicated environment around the products that you sell, which will seamlessly plug into your existing website. In order to convert traffic into leads and revenue, visitors need to have enough information on what they are looking for, in order to make an educated decision on whether the product/solution fulfils their requirements. Luring in potential customers to your website through new content, with the goal of increasing revenue, will be ineffective without a landing page. ​​​​​​​
Along with the existing BHGE content available for the products you sell, which we will source and upload to the landing page for you, new content is crucial. With the goal of generating more traffic, leads and increasing revenue, having content that not only supports your products, but will be of interest to your customers, is paramount in achieving those objectives.  Infographics, success stories, and how-to-videos, are all highly effective marketing tools, that have the ability, not only to generate traffic through your marketing campaigns, but create enough awareness to increase the amount of leads you capture. 
As I have said above, I suggest that we should focus initially on producing a few of each content type, to cover the products lines, and give us enough marketing collateral to execute a successful, long-term advertising campaign.  
Here are some examples of recent infographics, and how-to-videos:
GE Druck Infographic Series - Please click on image below to view:
GE Druck How-to-video series - Please click on image below to view
Please note that the microsite the videos below are hosted on, was create by JGT media - please feel free to browse through. I did mention this site during our conversation, and there are also other pieces of content, and product layout styles for your landing page, that you may find of interest
Landing page example - please click to view
We have already added content that we created and re-purposed for this campaign. Please notice how we have created environments around each product, that we can populate over time. 
Total: $7,000 - USD
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