1.  Generate leads that are ready to buy. 
2. Provide insight into the challenges the products solve. 
3. Execute through Social media, and direct e-mail.
4. Innovate a way of showing the right product based on the application they are looking to find a solution for, on the microsite. 
Test & Calibration Microsite
'Do more with less'

Like many companies, it can be challenging to figure out a way to optimise the environments around the products and services on your website. Delivering the perfect balance of quality supporting content, technical specs & information, and what the products solve, is vital. When somebody arrives at your website, you want them to convert into a sale. So you need to have a solid foundation in place to capture the leads, but also enough content to educate them on what the product is, what is does, and crucially what it solves, so they know they are looking at the right solution. 
Druck, had been struggling to strike that balance, so we decided that the best thing to do, would be to talk about and provide insight into the applications, before directing them to the possible solutions.  This is the concept behind the Test & Calibration microsite. 

Product Families
After they selected the application, they need to find a solution for, we directed them to a dynamic pyramid, that we constructed to showcase the products. Each section represented an ideal solution, based on the application they selected. 
Test & Calibration microsite
Learn more about the product families, and how we use the microsite as a platform to provide insight, and generate leads. 

Focus Regions
More campaigns with Druck...
Infographic Series​​​​​​​
We developed a series of infographics that created awareness around some of the areas where you lose efficiency, and money, without the use of effective technologies. ​​​​​​​

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