•    Lead generation through Google AdWords
•    Content, Landing page development & Copy-writing  
•    Enhance social media presence, and traffic to website.
•    Execution and Management of campaign
•    Analytics 

Clamp-on demand generation campaign - Google AdWords
The core objective for this campaign was to generate leads, and create awareness around the PT900 clamp -on flow measurement, and the benefits of choosing it.  We used our recently created series of infographics, webcast, as well as developing new landing pages.
BBP wanted two landing pages both with a slightly different function. Landing page one was aimed at providing more information on the product before requesting a call back, and the Landing page two was aimed at emphasising 'Immediate Delivery'. 

Supporting Webcast
A key part of this campaign was to generate leads. Using our infographics, and and webcasts as an informative source of information on the product was key, in achieving a better conversion rate. 

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