1.  Demand/Lead Generation. 
2. Develop new content for social media and the new website.
3. Enhance social media presence.
4. New company website. 

Company Website
We focused on creating a platform that included insightful content that we could push through social media and direct mail, but also to populate the dedicated environments around the products and services GCA Energy offer. This meant that this site served as an effective demand generation tool, that we could direct our campaigns to, as well as a informative environment for their visitors. 
Key Features:
- Live messaging system
- Custom CMS
- Dedicated product and service environments​​​​​​​

Our focus for the content, was to create awareness around GCA Energy Services, but also to provide informative support for the product landing pages. We feel that visitors must be able to make a decision on the product or service they require just from visiting the website. Content included an infographic, video and and various white-papers, and articles and case studies. 
Focus Regions

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