1.  Demand/Lead Generation.
2. Develop a series of infographics for social media and direct e-mail.
3. Enhance social media presence.
4. Address some of the benefits of accuracy, and servicing your Flare meter. Incorporate. into overall focus of both products, and service. 

Flare Infographic Series
The overall campaign objective, was to create awareness around the importance of maintaining accuracy of your Flare meter, through servicing, to maintain balance of plant, including, saving a huge amount of money, down-time, and reducing health & Safety issues. We knew that social media, and direct-e-mail was going to be a crucial part of the execution phase, so we developed a series of infographics. 
Infographics are a great tool, and are a fundamental part of demand generation, particularly, when social media is a part of that. Flare technology, can be complicated and very technical... these infographics allowed us to relay our core message, simply. 
Landing page
Capturing leads was a fundamental part of the campaign. We made sure that all interest would be captured, by developing a custom landing page, that was integrated with GE's CRM...

Focus Regions
More campaigns on Flare Measurement... 
Flare webinar 
Creating awareness around the importance of accuracy, and many of the challenges that can occur when you don't service your Flare meter, could not be better discussed, than via a webinar. We produced and executed this event, with a live Q&A, which was hosted by some of GE's leading engineers, and product managers. 

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