1.  Develop a dedicated environment for Corrosion & erosion. 
2. Provide insight into the challenges within the applications, through premium content.  
3. Execute through Social media, and direct e-mail.
4. Optimise the microsite for generating leads. 
Corrosion & Erosion Microsite
'Find corrosion, before corrosion finds you'
The core focus for us when developing this site was, providing insight to the point where a professional would feel comfortable buying one of the great solutions that GE have available, for a range of applications, from visiting the microsite alone. We achieved that by delving into those applications, rather than the products themselves. We felt that, engaging with them on that level is far more productive than telling them how spectacular the products are. 
We built the site, so that it has premium content available to anyone that lands on it, but to view more, you would need to sign-up. We felt that anybody who was serious about learning more about corrosion and erosion would be happy to do so. After all, we need to protect the content we had created, and guide them through the process of selecting an application, before a product. This approach allowed us to filter the general browser, from the serious prospect. 

Initial Content 
We launched with an e-book, and a webinar entitled 'Find corrosion, before corrosion finds you'. We discussed some of the key challenges those applications posed, and closed with a successful Q&A session. 

Focus Regions

More work with GE Inspection Technologies...
Mentor UT Product Launch

'Find corrosion, before corrosion finds you', was the overall theme for this launch. Our focus was on educating GE's loyal and long standing audience on how technology can increase efficiency, and save huge amounts of money, particularly in the harsh environments that the Mentor UT operates in. 

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