Bestbier Marketing Proposal 2018
I think after our discussion, the best way forward to is to commit to several months of on-going marketing.  So I have put together a proposal that includes 5 months of marketing activity(Excluding December), so it will run from August 2018 until the end of January 2019, along with developing a mobile optimised version of the Bestbier website, development of your LinkedIn Landing page, content, and so on. All will be geared towards building awareness around Bestbiers capabilities and offering, as well as generating leads, and converting, and nurturing existing contacts.
The project outline is as follows, and please note, below the outline, I have broken it down by month, and what we suggest we do in each month.
4 x Articles
- I would like to commit to producing one article every month, which we can post on your new blog we will build on the website, as well as on LinkedIn, and Engineering news etc. JGT Media will provide editing, design and layout, as well as any copy-writing assistance you require for each one. As you will see in the break - down below, i think we should begin the first one in September - as it gives us time to prepare.
4 x Videos
- As with the articles, i would like us to commit to producing a short video every month, beginning in September.  I does not have to be complicated, i think filming a product in action, will be ideal - just needs to be something interesting.  We will assist in filming where necessary(although i think we should keep the filming very simple and real), editing, and design.
Mobile optimised version of current website
- We are in agreement that a mobile version of your website is important.  So we will create a fully mobile optimised Bestbier website - that will be exactly the same as the desktop version in terms of design, content, products etc.
LinkedIn Page
As discussed, a LinkedIn presence is vital, so we will assist in designing, populating and laying out an attractive and functional LinkedIn profile of Bestbier.
LinkedIn posting
- We will help to produce the copy, the teasers. We will need to do this for promoting the articles, videos, and generating traffic. It is important that the initial post is interesting enough for someone to click on it.  We will assist in creating the right message, as well as managing the posts we put out.
HTML template for email
- I think that it is crucial that we begin e-mailing existing and potential customers Bestbier news, updates and so on. We will create a custom HTML that can be easily edited, and used for this purpose.
Bestbier Background and Offering Presentation
- As we talked about, we need an initial message to the market about what Bestbier offers and your expertise with Borescopes. My suggestion is we create webpage on the Bestbier website that goes into this in more detail, and that can be linked to from a LinkedIn post. I think this can also help with initial traffic to the Bestbier site too.

August 2018
1.  Develop Mobile optimised version of the existing website.
2. Work on LinkedIn page
3. Develop custom blog on Bestbier website.
4. Agree on topics for Articles and Videos
5. Create Email HTML.
6. Bestbier presentation
7 LinkedIn Post for Presentation.

September 2018 
1. First Article
2. First Video
3. LinkedIn Post to promote the above.

October 2018 
1. Second Article
2. Second Video
3. LinkedIn Post to promote the above.

November 2018 
1. Third Article
2. Third Video
3. LinkedIn Post to promote the above.

January 2019
1. Final Article
2. Final Video
3. LinkedIn Post to promote the above.

I think that if we take this approach, we are allowing Bestbier to grow over time. Committing to being consistent, by providing monthly insight, having a user friendly, cross-platform website to capture leads and interest, and a solid LinkedIn presence and strategy will give us the best results.
Please note i have left out December, as we know that it gets very quiet in South Africa. It is important however, that we commit to January.

Total Cost: R30,000
Payment plan: R15,000 upfront
R7,500 at the End of October
R7,500 at the end of January 2019.
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