Demand Generation Package 
On average, print and digital advertising in the industrial markets costs between $3,000 and $5,000 (USD) per insertion/month. Generally this will be in a monthly magazine or 30 days on a website, giving you very limited exposure, to an overall audience that is not entirely relevant, not from the region you cover, cannot be measured, and therefore won't generate any meaningful leads and results. 
We know that every partner has unique requirements. Therefore, our objective for the Channel Partner survey was to gain insight into what is important to your company, so that we can improve our processes and better assist you in providing solutions, that deliver, and align with your goals and budget. 
From the survey, 100% of the partners said that they think 'A long term approach' to advertising, and being able to 'Measure your campaign' is important. As expected, lead generation and having a website also scored highly. Therefore, it is clear that we are all in agreement that having a strong foundation in place from which to conduct successful, long-term marketing campaigns that increase awareness and revenue is crucial. From the answers you provided us with, we have tailored the following package specifically for you:

What does the Package include? 
Total Cost: $3,000 
Please note: If you book a demand generation package in November 2017, you will receive an extra month of advertising free. 

Add a new website to your package for an additional $500!

Find out more...
To find out more about the advertising campaign, the content, landing page, and how we re-purpose existing content, please view the slide presentation below:
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