1. Demand Generation through new content, product landing page, and e-mail campaign. 
2. Content development and Execution. 
3. Build awareness around Industry 4.0, and what Advantech offers. 

Industry 4.0 Landing Page
Part of the campaign brief, was not only to create some new content for the latest product, but also to build an environment, dedicated to Industry 4.0. A very hot topic at the moment, we thought it would be best served by developing a landing page to incorporate the product content, as well as further insight into the topic. As generating leads was crucial, we also included other content that could be downloaded throughout the landing page.

Advantech Product video
Once we had developed the landing page, we sought out to produce a product video, that we could showcase on the new page, via social media, and through our direct-email campaign, that would follow. 

Advantech Demand Generation E-mail Campaign
Looking to leverage the new content we had created, as well as the landing page, we executed via a direct-email campaign. Using the new page, as our data capture form, we set out to educate our audience on Industry 4.0, and some of the solutions that Advantech offer, before asking them to fill-out a short form.  ​​​​​​​
Focus Regions

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