Dear Dennis, Gary,
As per our conversation, I think that it would be very important and beneficial to re-develop and ultimately improve the current ABC website. Having a modern, functional, easy to navigate website, that provides valuable information to your customers is crucial. Now that we are building the mobile APP, I think that we should look at working on, and launching a new ABC website to assist in providing more than just a effective solution for mobile. Desktop is still paramount, and the ABC offering to the market will benefit greatly from having a new website in place.   We have included a website, content around the products you sell, which will assist in generating leads, as well as, the new ABC mobile app. We have also included a custom CMS for updating and managing the website, as well as, working seamlessly with the mobile app, in showcasing new content such as bulletins. 
I have put together a proposal, at what we hope is at an affordable price, as we know that this is a crucial consideration. 
Our proposal is as follows... Please note that we have included some examples of recent work, including your GE pages, that we have produced for other channel partners, that is in-line with BHGE style guidelines. 
New custom Website to include: 
1. Complete redevelopment of existing website. 
2. Dedicated environments for each brand, and products you sell on behalf of these brands, to include:
- Supporting content downloads - data-sheets, case studies, video, webinars, brochures.   
- Product Imagery
- Product information and specs 
3. Design & Development 
4. Hosting, maintenance, and management.  
5. No ongoing costs. 
6. Custom CMS - content management system. 
Website Examples: 
Our objective here is to provide current and potential customers with enough information to make a decision on the purchasing the product, as well as being able to scale up over time. These will be very similar to how the product pages on the App will look like.   Please click on the links below to view...
There is available/existing content, which we are able to use to populate your new website, and support the products and services you provide on behalf of BHGE. What we offer is the following:
1. We will re-purpose this content and give it an identity unique to your company. 
2. Add the content to your dedicated product environments we create on your new website. 
3. Moving forward, this content can also be used to market the products to your region.
Content inventory for the products you sell:
- Video 
- Webinar 
- Brochures
- E-books
- Brochures
- Spec Sheets
- Technical articles
Content Examples:
Here are some examples of how we took some existing content and re-purposed it to have unique look for the partner. I have provided a video, a case study, and a webinar.
Turn-around time: 
Phase 1: 10 -15 working days
Total cost: $3,500 (USD). 
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